Volunteers at the Lutheran Care Center

A Helping Hand IS Always Appreciated We value our volunteers highly at Lutheran Care Center. Many of those who give freely of their time and talents are originally motivated by a desire to “give something back”, but soon realize that the spiritual and emotional rewards far outweigh the time and caring they contribute.

Our diverse volunteer program is made up of individuals, students, clubs and residents who are extremely important to the well-being of those in our care. Considered to be the heart and soul of our home, volunteers reaffirm our residents’ place in society and our community.

We have a myriad of volunteer opportunities. We are fortunate to have an organized auxiliary which meets the first Monday of each month in our conference room and they wholeheartedly welcome new members. Perhaps you can offer friendship, laughter, music, children, pets, personal ministry, or meaningful activity. Maybe you would like to help us escort residents out to lunch or on a country drive. Other volunteer opportunities include “behind the scenes” efforts such as quilting or mending.

We believe you will have a rewarding and satisfying volunteer experience at Lutheran Care Center. Please contact our Activity Director at 618-483-6136 for more details.

“By volunteering and helping others, we are able to enjoy the greatest of all human pleasure: caring for others and being cared about.”
                                                                         ~Bruce Linton